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Expert Service from DuBois DuBois Harley-Davidson

Regular Service – For Peak Performance

Who knows how to keep you on the road? Our factory authorized service technicians. They know how to service your scooter and they use factory approved methods and equipment.

Service DepartmentMost of all, they take great pride in their workmanship. Make an appointment to keep you and yours safe.

Regular lubrication and maintenance will keep your Harley-Davidson motorcycle operating at peak performance for hours and hours of pure, HOG heaven, enjoyment.

In the meantime, make sure you frequently check your scooter between service intervals. Make sure you check:

  • tires for correct pressure, abrasions, cuts, and wear.
  • belt for tension.
  • brakes, steering, and throttle for responsiveness.
  • brake fluid level and conditions.
  • brake fluid leaks
  • cables for fraying or crimps, and free operation
  • engine oil, primary chaincase and transmission fluid levels (DO NOT overfill oil tank.)
  • wheel spoke tightness (if applicable).
  • headlight, taillight, and turn signal operations.

And remember, shiny side up - rubber side down. Ride Safe!